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Wellness Area

Magic moments, wellness treatments with Alpine products or inspired by the Far East …

Our treatments integrals will bring back the freshness and strength to face the everyday.

Wellness Treatments

Choose the wellness treatment you prefer, enjoy healthy moments and find your fitness.

Massage oil essences The goal is relaxation of body and mind, the alleviation of pain and harmonization of the body. (Classical treatment) – Total body – c a. 50 min.

Massage oil essences This partial massage relaxes stakeholders so intense. And ‘ideal after long trips to relax the legs and back. You will feel reborn! (Classical treatment) – partial – ca. 25 min.

Reflexology. Our feet reflect the internal organs. Stimulating a certain point of the foot is automatically stimulated the corresponding organ. The foot massage balances the body by promoting regeneration – ca.40 min.

Anti-cellulite treatment – The Mountain Pine Sarn has a stimulating effect, purifying and sets in motion the movement – ideal for fighting cellulite. This massage is specifically the problem areas with the help of anti-cellulite cream TREHS® – ca. 50 min.

Peeling mountain pine TREHS® Sarn (BZ) After a long shower with the shower gel TREHS® will be made a peeling with flour Mugo Pine and a special technique. The result: the skin is cleansed, the pores are open and the body is prepared for a possible treatment following – ca. 50 min.

Body peeling TREHS® final treatment with milk body TREHS® An act of complete purification: the peeling is followed by a wrap revitalizing for a skin soft and radiant – ca. 80 min.

Body Styling TREHS® The heat stimulates the tissue of the problem areas (legs / hips or belly / arms), the anti-cellulite cream TREHS® activates it and wrap TREHS® him back in shape. Also through a specific massage the feet are stimulated lymph nodes and kidney functions. The result: the skin is visibly smoother – ca. 50 min.

THAY MASSAGE The traditional Thai massage is a practice handed down for thousands of years by Buddhist monks in the Thailandia.Consiste body techniques that are designed to restore well-being in a naturale.Non it is a medical practice, but is based on the fundamental principles of acupressure and palmopressione inches, hands, forearms, elbows, knees and piedi.Il body is stretched, stretched, manipulated using techniques very similar to yoga passive. The goal is to bring the body, mind and spirit, to a perfect balance, eliminating the tensions that come from stress quotidiano.Il massage begins with a well-defined procedure, aimed at achieving harmony with the breath and the heartbeat. Slowly the muscles relax and the therapist begins with the practice of pressure and stretching, which leads to improve vascular activity and normalize the flows energia.Il All this translates into a better circulation of vital energy and therefore in a better quality ‘life.Was of technical and fit, even, and especially, to those who practice sports, such as running, aerobics, soccer, cycling, promoting physical and mental recovery – ca. 30/60/90 min.